Do you need help getting your work published? I copy-edit academic articles to prepare them for publication in high-ranking international journals. I can also edit entire book manuscripts for you. Perhaps you need to hone your academic writing skills? Let me create a customized training course to give you or your team some useful tips on how to improve your texts. This will help give your next publication or conference contribution a polished style to ensure its success.

I have over 20 years’ experience as a translator, copy-editor and proofreader since obtaining my MSc in Translation and Conference Interpreting from Heriot-Watt University in 1998. Originally from Yorkshire in the UK, I have been based in Prague since September 2004 and have been granted Czech citizenship. I have also spent several years living and working in Germany (Leipzig, Germersheim and Berlin), France (Nice) and Russia (Voronezh). In my free time, I love to go swimming, listen to live music, and practise yoga or go for walks in the parks of Prague.

Nowadays, I focus mainly on editing academic articles and books written in English, primarily by non-native speakers, helping these authors get their research published internationally. My clients are mostly universities and research institutes as well as selected corporate and individual clients based in Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Poland and Italy, among other countries.

My main areas of specialization are social sciences, environment, economics, history of science and Irish studies. I also translate from German into English in cooperation with other qualified and experienced professional translators and editors. We always revise each other’s work to ensure that the final translations delivered to the client are of a consistently high quality.

My association memberships include Mediterranean Editors & Translators (MET), Nordic Editors and Translators (NEaT), the Society of English-language professionals in the Netherlands (SENSE), the Czech Union of Interpreters and Translators (JTP) and the Berlin Translators’ Stammtisch. I regularly attend association events such as conferences, workshops, webinars and other meetings.

Since spring 2000, I have been a guest lecturer on the annual International Project Week at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences in Germany. Over the years, I have also done similar work at other universities in Europe.