Editing services

I specialize in copy-editing articles for high-ranking journals as well as entire academic books. I can help you get your manuscripts published by providing the following standard editing services:

  • Correcting grammar and typos
  • Making stylistic improvements, including to register, sentence structure and paragraphing
  • Fact-checking details such as names of people, places or institutions, dates and figures, etc.
  • Adapting a text to follow the relevant style guide such as CMOS, APA, MLA or OUP, etc. (US or UK English as required)
  • Tracking changes, highlighting anything that is unclear and providing written feedback for the author(s) in the form of comments
  • Responding to any follow-up questions the author(s) may have

I am also happy to provide the following additional services:

  • Editing your responses to reviewers’ comments if requested
  • Putting together a book manuscript and creating a table of contents if required
  • Final proofreading of manuscripts if requested

I also edit professional translations into English from German and Czech, comparing the target text with the original. I do not offer machine translation post-editing (MTPE).